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Written by Jim Romand

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It’s always been something that’s puzzled me as to why more people who have to wear their glasses all the time hardly ever look into purchasing titanium frames but rather prioritise the look of the frame over the practical benefits. These days you don’t have to be a sports professional or wealthy business man to own a pair of these well built glasses as they have come down in price quite a lot over last few years.

titanium glasses

I realise that most people want to look good when wearing their frames but If you have a closer look at the varied styles of titanium frames available, I think  you would be pleasantly surprised. I’m sure that most of you who already posses a pair of titanium glasses will agree that they are the most comfortable, light weight glasses that will ever have the honour of resting on your nose. The only downside to purchasing a pair of these is that they are generally quite a bit more expensive to buy than a pair of standard ‘steel’ frames. This is because of the complex process involved by the manufacturer in making the frames. The price also reflects the many benefits of owning a titanium pair of spectacles in that they are extremely robust and hardly ever break – so you can normally use the frame over and over again when you need your prescription to be updated.

I think,as a whole,  people should look at purchasing these frames as a clever investment as the quality and comfort factor are far superior to that of a standard optical frame and add to that the fact that will outlast most standard steel frames. You can now buy titanium glasses on-line at a fraction of the cost that you would expect to pay in most high street opticians. In a typical local independent opticians store you would be expected to pay around £250 for a decent pair of titanium frames but if you browse online you can pick up the same quality frame for around £90. So go on, make the switch – I can almost guarantee that you will never look back!

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  1. Derek says:

    Hey, titanium glasses are the best!! I’ve had mine for 3 years now and look as good as when I first bought them. best thing is that they are flippin’ strong as I’ve trod on them twice now and they didn’t break. yes I know they are a little more expensive but trust me, it’s worth the extra little investment.

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