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Written by Jim Romand

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If you are looking to buy glasses online then the world of internet glasses can seem like a minefield with so many companies offering deals that seem just too good to be true – unfortunately some of them are of the unscrupulous kind. It was reported on a consumer forum I visited  recently that one unsuspecting customer had landed on what they thought was a perfectly legitimate web site offering prescription glasses for as little £19. According to this person the website looked very professional and even had a page with many customer testimonials listed as well as a main ‘0845’ telephone number assuring people that there would be a ‘friendly member of staff’ ready to help with any queries you might have. The customer found a frame they liked and ordered their prescription glasses by paying through the sites transaction merchants. They were told to wait around a week for their item to be delivered – they did but nothing turned up. After waiting 2 weeks for the glasses they decided to give the company a ring on the main number listed on the web site. After many failed attempts at contacting the company they were told that the glasses had been shipped over 5 days ago and there was nothing that they could do if the customer hadn’t received them – even though they could not provide proof of delivery. The customer never received their glasses, nor did they receive a refund. Now they probably wish they had never even contemplated the idea to buy glasses online.

buy glasses online

Make sure you buy from a safe and secure site

For legal reasons I cannot print the name of this well known glasses retailer but the point I am trying to make is that you are more than likely to be disappointed or worse still, get nothing when you pay peanuts for products when you buy glasses online from websites that promote these ‘too goog to be true’ offers. My advice to you is to do some research on the company you are purchasing from before you hit the ‘buy now’ button. Make sure that they have a contact address listed on their contact page and that it’s not a PO box address. Browse some of the many popular consumer forums like price runner and money saving expert to see if there is anything written by people who may have purchased goods from the company previously. The more research you carry out, the less likelihood of you getting stung or ending up with a product that’s not fit for sale.

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