Obtaining your sight test prescription

Written by Jim Romand

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Lately, I have noticed a growing trend in high street opticians making it very difficult for customers to obtain a copy of their sight test prescription. This is because many opticians are now aware of the fact that more and more people are purchasing their spectacles online because of the amount of money they can save. Under the current law, an optician is NOT permitted to keep hold of your sight test test prescription without issuing you with a copy. Your prescription is a legal health document in which you are entitled to hold a copy of, regardless of if you paid for your examination or not. The opticians who conduct your sight test are legally bound to keep your prescription on file for a minimum of five years before they are legally allowed to destroy the information. However, the information that is specified on your prescription can become out of date if you do not have regular sight tests at least once every 2 years or, if you are over 70 or diabetic, every year. In this case if your prescription is deemed to be out of date then the optician is legally allowed to withhold your copy of the prescription as it regarded as ‘invalid’. If you are hoping to buy spectacles online and find yourself in the position of having had a sight test but your optician is making it ‘difficult’ for you to obtain a copy of the prescription then politely remind them that they are breaking the law by withholding the information from you. If you still have no luck then report them to the governing body and write to :

General Optical Council

41 Harley Street

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