Prescription glasses online

Written by Jim Romand

Topics: Tips and Advice

Prescription glasses online will always be a cheaper alternative to purchasing your glasses from a high street or independent opticians. This is because most online prescription glasses retailers have to charge a premium for the extra services that they provide such as after sales care, glasses reglazing and fitting services. Personally, I don’t think an extra charge of around 40% justifies the services that are provided as most high street opticians will adjust your glasses for you for very little or no cost at all. In fact the only thing that might be missed when buying prescription glasses online would be the nice smile you receive from the sales assistant at the end of the dispenser because they have just earned a tidy bonus from selling you the most expensive pair of glasses on the shop!

I always used to think that when I sat down with the person after coming out of the sight test room, they were checking me out and asking questions to see how much they could fleece from me. The one thing you can be sure of when buying prescription glasses online is that you won’t have to be subjected to the usual sales patter by some pushy upstart trying to sell you an expensive designer frame and useless prescription lens extras for your new glasses. Most online retailers display detailed pictures of each product and will specify the sizes of the frames so you match the frame specifications to the pair you have currently. Anyway, if you really don’t have clue about what size frame you may need then you can always pop down to your local high street opticians and try a few on before noting down the size of the pairs that fit you comfortably. At least this way you can be assured that which ever frame you decide to purchase you prescription glasses online, they will fit like a glove when you finally receive them.

Another common thing that people seem to worry about is how qualified the person who processes you online order is? Well let me tell you that most high street opticians don’t require every member of their sales/dispensing team to be qualified. In fact the last time I walked into a busy high street opticians and asked to speak to a qualified dispensing optician I was told I would have to wait as the only qualified dispenser was away having his lunch! Rest assured that most online retailers will have at least two qualified members who help to process the orders as they come through as they are required by law to do so. Also, it would be more than their jobs worth to employ solely un-qualified staff as I’m sure their reputation would go downhill very quickly. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that next time you go for your annual sight test think about the cheaper and more convenient option of buying your prescription glasses online – it could end up saving you a lot of hassle and quite a bit of money.

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