Rimless glasses back in fashion

Rimless glasses back in fashion

Written by Jim Romand

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Rimless glasses have been around for many years now and have changed the optical eyewear industry by offering a complete alternative to the traditional steel frame. For those of us who dislike the idea of having to wear any kind of visual aid then the idea of wearing a rimless frame can be a very attractive prospect. Over the years fashion has changed quite dramatically in the eyewear industry and we now suddenly find ourselves being dictated to by the fashion ‘gurus’ in various magazines that wearing bright, bold and chunky frames is the way to go. Well Gok, it’s horses for courses matey and this one isn’t going to be dictated to!

Emporium rimless glasses

Some the new exciting styles from Emporium Eyewear London

The majority of today’s rimless glasses frames are built using either pure titanium or titanium alloy which offers the wearer better all round comfort and is hypoallergenic due to the fact that there is no nickel present in the frame material.  With its light weight feel and a vast array of designs and colours to choose from, titanium is fast becoming very popular amongst glasses wearers both young and old. One of the most popular styles of rimless glasses today is built on the design that was made famous by an Austrian frame company by the name of ‘Silhouette’.  These Austrian geniuses came up with a design that would replace the traditional nuts and bolts found in many older styled rimless glasses and created a new concept that gave the wearer an even more discreet look. They replaced the traditional nuts and bolts with an almost invisible single plastic ‘lug’ which holds the whole frame together and because it unique design it means that you will never need worry about screws coming loose and your lenses dropping out.

When it comes to choosing the correct lenses for your rimless frame it is always highly recommended that you invest in either Hi Index lenses, which are thinner than standard ones, or Polycarbonate lenses which are more impact resistant thus allowing the lenses to withstand any unnecessary pressure on the frame without the lenses breaking. If you have a high prescription then you would be better off investing in hi Index thinner lenses as this will ensure that your lenses don’t end up looking hideously thick in your lovely new rimless frames.

Well, that’s it folks – my quick guide to buying a pair of rimless frames! Whatever the fashion gurus opinions are on what kind of designs we should be wearing this year, rimless glasses are here to stay and make for the most comfortable pair of glasses you are ever likely to own.

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  1. micky sundi says:

    Have owned my rimless glasses for over 4 years and they are sooooo comfortable. I’ll never go back to a normal frame after having these!

  2. chloe says:

    I know what you mean, I’ve got two pairs of rimless glasses that I’ve had for ages and I love them so much that I ended up buying spare frames just in case one broke. I’ve had them reglazed with new lenses 3 times already, they are just so comfortable!

  3. Selly says:

    I bought some rimless glasses online last year and they are the best pair of frames I’ve owned. I was always worried that with rimless glasses you would be forever going back to the opticians to get them adjusted or the screws tightened. My rimless glasses have these little platsic fixings so there are no screws to come loose and frame is so light that I don’t get those horrible marks on my nose anymore!

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