Transitions Glasses

Written by Jim Romand

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If you are like me and prefer to carry only one pair of prescription glasses around in the sunshine then Transitions glasses are the answer to all your problems. The technology which allows the lenses to react to the light has been around for some time now but consumers have always been slightly disappointed with the reaction times of the lenses. Transitions lenses are a flagship trademarked product from optical lens giants ‘Essilor’ who, after partnering with an American company, PPG, came up with the Transitions brand of light reactive lenses. Until the late 80’s after the public were first introduced to ‘Reactolite’ photochromic lenses there was a huge gap in the market for light reactive lenses. Essilor only became a main player in this market during the early 90’s. This is where Transitions have made an impact on the prescription lens industry and their latest generation of lenses now react to the light quicker than any other light reacting lens on the market.

Investing in a pair of Transitions glasses is a wise decision these days as there is much evidence coming to light of the fact that we are being exposed to more harmful UV rays than ever before. Transition lenses protect you from these dangerous rays as they offer 100% UV protection. The suns UV rays not only have detrimental effect on our skin but also to our eyes and can cause early cataract blindness as a consequence so having a pair of Transitions glasses is essential in ensuring that your eyes are kept healthy and protected at all times.

Most of today’s prescription lenses can be purchased with the added option of having them made as Transitions at an extra cost. Most single vision lenses and multi focal lenses can accommodate this technology unless you decide to purchase a non branded prescription lens. There is also good news for rimless glasses wearers as there is now a lens offered by lens giants Essilor which allows you to have a toughened lens (Airwear) with the Transitions technology and even goes so far as to offer this in a Hi Index (thinner lens) form.

Whatever decision you make with regards to your eye protection always make sure you own at least one pair of UV protecting prescription glasses because at the end of the day you simply cannot put a price on your eye sight.

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