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Written by Jim Romand

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Reglaze glasses frames with a new set of prescription lenses and you could potentially save yourself an absolute fortune the next time you need to upgrade your sight test prescription. Many high street Opticians will try and coax you into buying a new frame every time you pay them a visit for your annual sight test but in my opinion this can be very unnecessary as the pair of expensive frames you bought last year should last you at least 3-4 years before needing replacing. Now I’m no skin flint but I do think that some of these guys are taking us for fools when they try to convince us that the frame we bought last year will need replacing as it is now ‘unsuitable’ to be reglazed with new lenses. Whenever I have enquired if I can reglaze glasses with new lenses the answer is always the same, “Hmmm, I wouldn’t advise you to use your old frame as it has become brittle over the past year and might break when we reglaze them”, says the grinning sales person. Who do these people think they are kidding? According to most of big frame manufacturers a pair of decent optical frames should last, at the very least, 2 years before they either becomes brittle or the joints are weakened.

Many of you on a tight budget out there will be pleased to know that if you wish to reglaze glasses using an online company there are many online glasses retailers who offer this reglazing service for around half the price that most high street opticians will charge and they can actually provide you with the same brand and quality of lens that your local Optician would of provided you with. For instance, if you currently wear a varifocal lens which is made by Nikon or Essilor then I can guarantee that you will be able to have these reglazed into your existing frame for almost half the cost and without any problems. The online glasses retailer can take all the relevant measurements from your old prescription glasses and replicate them to your new ones so there is no need to make the trip to your Opticians to be measured and then have to part with the best side of £350! The option to reglaze glasses frames is becoming hugely popular of late as many people struggle through times of financial uncertainty and this service allows them to be able to afford the best optical prescription lenses but only pay around half the cost when done through an internet glasses retailer. If you read this article and then eventually decide to reglaze glasses over the internet then my advise is make sure that you use someone who specialises in prescription lenses as well as just the frames as these people will be able to advise and assist you on how to get the best lenses from your budget. Also, make sure they display a phone number on the website in case you need some assistance when ordering your lenses as some people can find this quite daunting the first time they order and anyway, it’s just nice to know that there is a friendly person on the other end of the phone just in case you need any reassurances.

Next month I will be finding out just how much of a difference it makes when choosing different brands of prescription lenses so until then, enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

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  1. Mich Amouse says:

    I’ve had many pairs of frames reglazed with lenses from my Opticians but I think I might look into some of the companies where you can reglaze glasses over the internet in future if you say that we can save half the money.

  2. Alex says:

    I’ve never looked back after having my frames reglazed through an internet prescription glasses retailer. You can save a fortune!!

    It’s about time these high street opticians re-thought their prices through and stopped ripping us off!

  3. Vish L says:

    I went to reglaze my glasses online with Specsavers but you can’t do it over the internet. I ended up going with another online retailer and I got the whole lot done for £60!!

    The last time I went to my Opticians they wanted to charge me £129 for the same lenses..bloody thieves!!

  4. Speccy me says:

    I wanted to reglaze glasses frames with my old opticians but they told me they were too old to reglaze. I only got the frames around a year and a half ago..from them!! I then went down the road and got told by someone else that they could do it no problem. they told me that if I ask for a reglaze then most opticians will try and talk you into new glasses telling you that the current glasses can’t be reglazed, what a con!!

  5. Pete Michey says:

    After making my first visit to ‘Online Glasses Direct’ I quite surprised at just how much cheaper it was to get my glasses reglazed with varifocals. My last optician charged me well over £350 for some Nikon lenses which I managed to get for £199 online. I’m still not sure if I’d buy a new frame on the internet but I would definitely reglaze my glasses online again.

  6. eddy says:

    Can you reglaze glasses with your own lenses you have? My uncle works for a factory that makes the lenses. I wonder if you can take them somewhere and have them glazed into your own frame.

  7. Keeper says:

    @Eddy – sure can, I do it all the time. I buy just the lenses online and then get my local Opticians to fit them into my frame. They charge me around £15 to do it, cheap as chips!

  8. may_g says:

    I have been looking to reglaze glasses that were given to me as a present so I started my search about a month ago. It’s been quite interesting as I have discovered that not all the online glasses retailers actually offer lenses such as Nikon or Hoya. When I’ve phoned a few of these onlne companies they just tell that they are premium lenses but can’t give me a brand name. Now I’m no expert on prescription glssses lenses but being a photographer I can tell you right now that there is a world of difference between a good quality Nikon lens and a mass produced budget camera lens. If you want to reglaze your glasses online or buy cheap spectacles then may I suggest that you ensure that the seller offers decent quality branded lenses or you might end up like a friend of mine who is now forced to wear lenses which have very poor abberations all around the peripheral of the lenses – completely useless!

  9. Debby says:

    I would never choose those ‘£5 a pair’ companies. My eye sight is very precious to me so if I was going to get my own frame reglazed I’d prefer to use a reputable online retailer who sells good lenses like ‘Carl Zeiss’ or ‘Nikon’.

  10. Sammy_may says:

    I take my glasses to Vision Express to get my frame reglazed and they always do a good job although I might consider getting my glasses done online if the prices are lower. If I was to reglaze my glasses online how long does it normally take, does anyone know?

  11. Samuel Hurst says:

    There is a representative from ‘Online Glasses Direct’ who hangs around on the forums on this site. They seem to do most lenses for glasses frames at a reasonable cost. I wonder how many people have used them though?

  12. Phillippa says:

    For reglazing specs, there is one company that beats them all in my opinion, I’ve used ciliaryblue and they were cheap quick and the lenses were perfect. They even sent me the packaging to send the frames back to them. lenses cost me £40, was quoted over £120 for the equivalent on the high street. Have a look at them.

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