Transitions in legal battle

Written by Jim Romand

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Latest news from the optical world is that US lens giants Vision-Ease have filed a lawsuit against the company that own the Transitions™ lens technology. Vision-Ease has recently made allegations claiming that because Transitions now owns more than 85% of the photo-chromatic lens market they have violated US anti-trust laws by making it company policy not to do business with any other lens manufacturer who promotes photo-chromatic lenses from a competing company.Transitions GlassesThey claim that Transitions have monopolised the market by initiating various unscrupulous business deals which have allowed them to foreclose quite a substantial chunk of the lens retail and wholesale distribution channels. Vision-Ease has also claimed that Transitions have caused the public harm by increasing prices and reducing consumer choice. Transitions have declined to comment on the allegations whilst the litigation is still pending.

Transitions glasses have become increasingly popular over the last few years after a recent campaign to promote public awareness to the dangers of not having the proper and adequate eye protection when exposed to the suns damaging UV rays. Many lens dispensers will claim that Transitions lenses react faster than any other photo-chromatic lens currently available on the world wide lens market which has also led to its rising popularity among some of the major high street retailers. I have to say that I tend to agree with many of these lens experts as I have previously owned a pair very basic photo-chromatic prescription glasses which I purchased from a high street factory outlet. When I have compared these to my most recent pair of Transitions glasses the difference in reaction times is unbelievable and the Transitions lenses always react much faster than my previous cheap pair. Sales for transitions glasses have typically risen over the past couple of months in the UK due to the early summer and recent hot weather spells.

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    Typical Yanks, always suing each other over the smallest thing…LOL

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