Adidas ID2 ski goggles

Adidas ID2 ski goggles

Written by Jim Romand

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With the summer season almost a distant memory what better way to spend the imminent cold winter months by enjoying a holiday in the errr, cold! Yes that’s correct; over a million people every year take the slopes between the months of November to February in order to beat the British Winter blues. However, if you are serious about protecting yourself from the Suns glare and damaging UV rays then you will need to ensure that you have the best eyewear protection to suit both your budget and face shape.

The multi award winning Adidas ID2 Ski goggles are amongst some of the best Ski eyewear available on the market and come with their own patented ‘Climacool’ technology. This technology works as a dynamic ventilation system within the frame. Specially engineered vents inside the frame allow the air to flow through the breathable ‘nanofoam’ without having any adverse effects on definition or visual acuity as it eliminates any fogging. The other great feature of these frames that I love is the ‘frame leveling’ which gives you an excellent fit even when worn with a helmet. All in all a great feat in eyewear engineering and at a price that should be affordable for professional and amature skiers alike. These goggles are currently being sold at my local sportswear specialists for £139, however,  you can get hold of pair of these for a mere £103.99 from Sports shades online – bargain!!

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  1. Merl says:

    I’ve got two pairs of these goggles and in my honest opinion they are much better than the Oakley iridium pair that I bought last year which were much more expensive. I seem to get more definition through my ID2’s and the colour seems better as well. I board and Ski around 4 times per year and these goggles are the best I’ve had so far.

  2. Sleek_lylo says:

    I had a pair of these for when I went to Canada a few months ago for my first time skiing. My Brother, who goes twice a year, said they were really good quality and were the most comfortable goggles he had ever worn. Needles to say he ended up with my new ID2’s and I had to wear his crappy old pair!

  3. James says:

    these are a great pair of googles, check out some more styles on

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