Dilem Glasses Frames

Dilem Glasses Frames

Written by Jim Romand

Topics: New Frame Styles

I touched on these frames a while back and since then I’ve been bombarded with emails and messages asking where you trendy lot can purchase a pair of Dilem frames. The model on the cover picture is ‘Model OD’  taken from the huge selection of different styles that are currently available on the Dilem website. So for all those who desperately want to buy a pair of these ultra exclusive frames you need look no further than either Chiswick Eyewear Opticians, based in London or Chapel Opticians, based in Hampshire. These have been handed the prestigious title of ‘Authorised Dilem Frame Dealership’ because owning a pair of Dilem frames has been likened to owning a Ferrari or any other prestigious make of super car, sounds crazy I know! Our French neighbours go mad over these frames and one famously rich French actress is reported to own 20 pairs with around 50 sets of temple arms…WOW!! That’s a lot of glasses and an even more obscene amount of money.

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  1. Sid khan says:

    Hi I bought a pair off dilem glasses with 2 frames in Spain I have now moved to Tenerife ,I love the glasses and so did everyone I knew,because not only can you change the calour of the fre to match what you are wearing but you can have different calour in each arm, I also have a baby who thinks it’s funny to grab daddys glasses and before I got these the baby had fun breaking the arms not anymore because the arms come apart.well any because I was alwas showing people in pubs , bars, nightclubs what my galsses cauld do I broke the fitting on the glasses that the arms atach to I have also lost one of the arms I am now stuck with a bright purple pair of arms which keep falling cauld someone please tell if there is surplier of these glasses in Tenerife .thank you Sid khan Tenerife .

  2. Lucy says:

    I ordered mine from a small local opticians and they gave me 3 pairs of sides. I’ve got sides for work which are plain black and then I’ve got sides for when I’m out shopping or just everyday things which are pink and then I’ve got a really funky pair of sides for when I’m out with the girls! These are the best glasses I’ve ever had as I’ll only ever need to change the arms if I get bored.

  3. Johnny K says:

    Hey Sid, I ordered mine with fashioneyewear.co.uk but I had to telephone them as they are not listed on the site. They are the same people as chiswick eyewear that was mentioned in the article. I live in Denmark but they shipped them out to me after I told them the code of the front and sides I needed. Very good service and quick delivery so I’m quite happy, you can’t buy these anywhere in Denmark so this was a a good service for me.

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