Mykita & Moncler – Simply Genius!

Mykita & Moncler – Simply Genius!

Written by Jim Romand

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The Fashion frame genius’s at Mykita have teamed up with Sportswear designers, Moncler and launched a collection of luxury sports eyewear. Mykita have rapidly become synonymous in the industry for producing some of the most outstanding quality optical frames in the world, and these are certainly no exception.  Their new ‘Mylon’ range of sports frames boast lightweight and outstanding durability, doubled with the fact Mylon frames can be individually adjusted to each wearer for complete comfort and stability. But let me tell you, these are no ordinary frames and are not made using traditional manufacturing techniques. Each frame is produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods using a polyamide-powder based material which is then, in turn, transformed into solid objects using lasers. This complex process called ‘Selective Laser Sintering’ was developed and pioneered by Mykita in order to give a sophisticated and luxurious finish in six steps.

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  1. Herby T says:

    So anyone where I can buy some of these?

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