Who offers the best & cheapest reglaze service?

Written by Jim Romand

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Reglazing your own frame with a pair of spectacle lenses is nothing new in the opticians retail sector. In fact, most high street opticians have been offering this type of service for many years. The only problem is that they don’t really like to advertise this service as it generally means less profit for their business. Most high street opticians would much prefer for you to buy a whole new set of prescription glasses and reap the profit from a complete pair. The trouble for most high street opticians is that many consumers are much more ‘savvy’ these days. They are no longer taken in by the optician informing them that their 18 month old frame is too old and needs to be replaced. This was recently highlighted on a BBC consumer programme that also revealed the huge profits that many opticians make on the frames alone. Because of this, we are now seeing more and more consumers turning to the online optical retailers, in order to replace spectacle lenses into their own frames.

So exactly how does one go about getting their own frame fitted with new spectacle lenses online The reglaze process is fairly straight forward and is almost certain to end up saving you a vast amount of money. You simply send your frame into the the online retailer and they do all the work at their prescription glazing lab. Once the lenses have been fitted, they simply send the updated spectacles back to you with your new prescription lenses fitted. But just how much can you save? Well, that ll depends on what type of lenses you require. For instance, someone with a fairly straight forward prescription, who only needs them for reading, could save around a third of what they would pay on the high street. Where as someone who needs varifocal spectacle lenses can actually save up to half of what a high street opticians would charge. Below are some price comparisons:-

Author: Jim Romand





Website: www.glassesuk.co.uk

Single Vision Reglaze: £30

Bifocal Reglaze £60



  • UK Based
  • Large selection of cheap glasses
  • Established Retailer
  • Good Customer Feedback
  • Safety glasses supplied
  • No lens brands displayed





Website: www.eyewearglasses.co.uk

Single Vision Reglaze: £29

Varifocal Reglaze from £89



  • UK Based
  • Customer Service focused
  • Established Retailer
  • Offer quality branded lenses
  • FREE UK delivery
  • Varifocal Specialists
  • Does not sell accessories 







Website: www.spex4less.com

Single Vision Reglaze: £34.95

Varifocal Reglaze from £89.95



  • UK Based
  • Customer testimonials
  • Established Retailer
  • FREE UK delivery
  • Annoying pop-ups on site

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  1. Potts says:

    I’ve used online glasses direct twice now. once to get some varifocals and another time, more recently, for some polarised glasses for fishing. Both times I’ve had excellent service and more importantly, professional, unbiased advice (they didn’t just try to flog me the most expensive lens).

  2. Alison says:

    I’ve reglazed my glasses using an online provider before. I wish I’d read this article though as I paid nearly twice as much as the companies listed here.

    @Potts – How long did yours take to arrive after you ordered them? Mine took bloody weeks, 5 in fact!

  3. Dawson says:

    The cheapest reglaze I got was from a bucket shop in Bristol where they reglazed my glasses with some new varifocal lenses. The only problem was that I couldn’t see through them when i picked them up. Turns out that the chap who fitted the lenses glazed them upside down!!

    Nevertheless, I still reglaze my glasses frame every 2 years as the frame is pure titanium so it should last a lifetime and still looks as good as the day I bought them.

  4. Mcleaf says:

    I reglaze my glasses all the time. My optician hates this though and he always tries to talk me into a new frame but I keep resisting. I’m hoping that my frame will last long enough as it’s made from Steel so should last the test of time.

  5. Steller8 says:

    I reglaze my own frame with Nikon lenses using an online company as they cost an absolute fortune at my local high street opticians. Both time and money saved.

  6. Brett50 says:

    Had mine done at Specsavers. The buggers bent my frame though, it now sits a bit wonky on my face.

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