Persol Capri Sunglasses – Contemporary Italian styling

Written by Jim Romand

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For me, just the very mention of the word ‘Capri’ conjures up images of 1980’s sports cars, ‘Alfie Moon’ from Eastenders and those uber slick detectives, Bodie and Doyle, ‘The Professionals’. The last ‘Ford Capri’ car was produced in 1986 but 30 years on, the name ‘Capri’ is about to become very cool again Thanks to the People from ‘Persol’ designer eye-wear. It’s rather refreshing to see that Persol have cooled down trying to promote their Steve McQueen styled range of eye-wear for something rather different.

Persol Capri Sunglasses

The Italians are rather frond of the colour blue for some reason.

The very latest addition to their celebrity status sunglasses collection is the Persol ‘Capri’. These sunglasses are every bit what you would expect from the Italian brand and maintain the same high quality workmanship and design detail that they have become synonymous for.

The ‘Capri’ collection of sunglasses pay homage to the Isle of Capri, based in the Italian province of Naples. The Capri sunglasses collection captures everything that is beautiful and majestic about the Italian Isle, particularly the modern and contemporary architecture of the Casa Malaparte, a famous Villa on the Isle which is home to one of the most iconic rooftop patios in the world (see where I’m going here?..thought so). Persol have managed to encapsulate the sleek and cool look of the iconic rooftop patio into the design of the frame by implementing some clever detail onto the end of the frames arms. Even the famous Persol arrow on the hinge of the arms has been styled on the Casa Malapartes perimeter shape.

The good people over at are currently selling these happening sunshades for a bargain £170. That’s just under half the price you would expect to pay in a high street store!

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