Varifocal glasses – Choosing the correct lenses

Written by Jim Romand

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There are many prescription glasses websites who sell varifocal glasses for prices well below the high street average. Usually, these websites do not give their customers a choice of branded varifocal lenses to choose from. One of main problems with sites that offer generic lenses is that, if you already wear varifocal glasses then you probably have a specific type and brand of lens that you are used to. Remember, not all varifocal lenses work in the same way or perform to the same standard. Varifocal Glasses? The best way in which to identify the lens brand in your current varifocal glasses is to take them into an optician’s store, and have them identify the lenses for you. Obviously, if you can get the previous optician, who sold you your current varifocal lenses to give this information over the phone, then it is even less of a headache.

Which brand of varifocal lenses do I need?

If your previous pair of varifocal glasses had a particular brand of lenses fitted into them then it is advisable to stick to the same brand when you buy your next pair. The reason I say this, is that different brands can offer a slight variations in which the varifocal lenses work. For instance, a pair of ‘Zeiss’ branded varifocal glasses will probably out-perform a lens from a generic, lesser known lens brand. Also, lens companies use slightly different methods and techniques in the way that they manufacture their varifocal lenses. It is fairly common for customers to experience tolerance problems when coming out of a pair of branded varifocal glasses into an entirely different brand. Once you have all the information, regarding your current varifocal glasses, then at least this gives you a good idea of where to start when searching for a better deal online.

Choosing your varifocal lens design

The next stage is to decide on a design that is best suited to your lifestyle. Most varifocal glasses and lenses are designed in a certain way that they will benefit certain users more than others. For instance, if you drive a taxi cab for living then you may want to consider a pair of varifocal lenses that have a very wide distance area. Also, if you are someone who spends a lot of time on a computer and who enjoys reading a lot then you may want to consider a lens with a wide intermediate and near zone, such as the Carl Zeiss ‘Superb’. When purchasing any pair of varifocal glasses, there are many, many choices and designs to choose from in each brand category so it’s important to choose the correct one. If you have any doubts as to which might be best suited to you then you can always ask the advice of either your optician or you can call the online glasses retailer for help with choosing your varifocal lenses.


Author: Jim Romand

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  1. Ponias says:

    Can’t beat lenses made by carl Zeiss. I’ve been wearing these since I was told I needed to wear my glasses all the time. My prescription is quite high so I was suffering with terrible blurry vision around the edges of my glasses, until I switched to the Carl Zeiss varifocals. Worth the money in my opinion.

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