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Written by Jim Romand

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In these trying economic times, people prefer to buy cheap but quality items. So, if we are in need of a new pair of prescription glasses then cheap spectacles make much more sense than the more expensive alternatives. At the same time, your glasses serve as an important function in order to restore some sort of normality to our sight, and because of this we really need to make sure that they are of good quality. Poor quality spectacles may not prove durable enough to last very long, and in some cases they may make our eyesight even worse.

We also tend to equate quality with costliness—after all, we get what we pay for, so to speak. How then, can we buy cheap spectacles without getting cheap quality as well? As long as you have the resources and patience to check out your options online, you can find one.

Inflated Prices Compensate for Advertising Costs

Some eyewear manufacturers engage in rather expensive advertising campaigns to make their brand well known. They may produce high-budget commercials, and get airtime at exorbitant rates on TV. They may get a famous celebrity as an endorser for their prescription glasses, and these things can cost a fortune. In order to recoup the advertising investment, these eyewear manufacturers may increase the prices of their spectacles.

If you want to get cheap but quality glasses, choose another brand that produces the same level of quality in their products, but have chosen not to engage in high-budget promotional campaigns. You may have to give up the prestige of wearing the very same model of eyewear that a superstar celebrity wears in order get some savings, but for many of us, this is a more than fair exchange.

Promotional Discounts

While some advertising methods result in an increase in prices, other eyewear manufacturers choose to go in the opposite direction. Their way of getting an increased share of the market is by slashing prices instead. This has always been an effective form of promotion, and for many people, the chance to get high quality prescription glasses at reduced rates is too good to resist.

These promotional discounts tend to have a time limit, however. Either they continue until the supply of the promotion eyewear runs out, or they may last only until they have reached the targeted market share the manufacturer is hoping for.

Supply and Demand

In some instances, lower prices are the result of a miscalculation of the consumer demand for the products. A manufacturer may have produced more high quality units than the consumer demand warranted, and as a result it may have some extra pairs of spectacles to sell. Rather than pay extra for storage, the manufacturer may instead sell them at a discount in order to entice a greater demand for them.

Of course, it is entirely possible that the low price may indeed come with reduced quality, but the price alone is not evidence enough to suggest that your are buying shoddy goods. Cheap spectacles are not to be discounted, simply because they are being sold at low prices

Author: Jim Romand

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