Handmade Eyewear by Rigards

Handmade Eyewear by Rigards

Written by Jim Romand

Topics: New Frames

The world of fashion eyewear is certainly changing very rapidly these days, and the over the past 3 years we have seen a mixed explosion of modern and retro designs making an appearance on the catwalks at the annual optical trade shows.  One of main things that struck me, after coming back from the ‘Silmo’ trade show in Paris last year, was the sheer amount of new materials that are being used to create a new breed of textured eyewear. Frames made from natural horn seemed to be a big trend last year. But, for me, one designer who stood head and shoulders above anyone else last year was Hong Kong based ‘Rigards’.

Whilst most other designer eyewear brands tend to produce their frame in the thousands, Rigards make theirs one at a time. Every pair of frames that they produce are handmade to perfection by a single person. The artisan who makes the individual hand crafted frame is responsible for using the best precision tools using only traditional methods. If there was ever a selection of the finest frames for non-conformist wearers then you will find them here.

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