Cheap Spectacles – Are They Worth The Risk?

Written by Jim Romand

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For some people, in the past, buying cheap spectacles at your local opticians or on the internet was seen as too much of a risk. This was mainly due to the fact that, for some reason, many spectacle wearers believe that if you purchase a cheap pair of glasses then it could effect your vision. The fact is that just because you purchase a cheap pair of prescription glasses doesn’t mean that it will have a detrimental effect on your eye sight. Most opticians generally use the same grade of lenses when they make your spectacles with single vision lenses (distance or reading), regardless of price. Cheap SpectaclesThe only thing you might compromise when buying a cheap pair of spectacles is the quality of the frame. This is largely due to the fact that the majority of expensive frames are made using high grade nickel for their joints and the main parts (front and arms) are made from titanium or a similar grade material. When buying cheap spectacles, you will generally receive a frame that is made using low grade materials and therefore might not last as long.

One of the main reasons why many people prefer to shop for cheap spectacles is that they need a second pair of glasses, just in case their main pair should break. If you only require your glasses for either reading or distance then buying a cheap back-up pair is always a good idea as they will get you by until your main pair are either fixed or replaced. There are many retailers who sell budget prescription glasses but some of the best deals can be found on the internet. This is largely due to the fact that most online retailers can afford to be very competitive with their prices compared to that of most high street retailers. Most ‘online only’ retailers operate with very little cost as they have no Opticians salary to pay, due to the fact that are not in the business of conducting eye tests, and their building rent is generally much lower than that of a high street retailer. But just because they operate online does not mean that they have a lower standard of practice when it comes to making your cheap spectacles.

Every online prescription glasses retailer in the UK has to adhere to the regulations as set out by the UK’s General Optical Council (GOC). So even if you buy some cheap spectacles online, they will have to be made to exactly the same standards as pair of glasses that have been purchased from a high street optician. Also, every prescription lens optical lab in the UK must have a qualified dispensing optician on the premises so that they can check and sign out every pair of prescription glasses before they are shipped to the customer. So you see, just because you might have taken the decision to buy a cheap pair of glasses online, doesn’t mean to say that you are more likely to suffer problems with them compared with buying them from your local optician. The only thing you might want to consider, if you are buying cheap spectacles, is making sure that you go with a reputable online retailer. You should already have all the necessary tools available in order to source the right company to do this; Google and consumer forums. Or you might want to take a look at some of the online prescription glasses websites that our forum members recommend.


Author: Jim Romand

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  1. Milida says:

    I’n not too sure that buying cheap spectacles from overseas websites is such a good idea. I got a pair of glasses which cost me £7.00 and whilst I was initially over the moon I was then horrified to find that they had put a dodgy prescription in them. 3 Times I had to send them back and then about 4 months after they correct them, they fell apart! I think cheap spectacles serve as a good temporary pair but nothing else.

  2. Sam F says:

    I buy cheap glasses on the Internet all the time and have never had any trouble seeing through them. I reckon you just have to find a web business who is not going to rip you off. There is an american site that offers cheap spectacles called cheapspecs4u and I’ve heard all sorts of horror stories from people who have paid money for the glasses but then received nothing!

  3. Mcleaf says:

    Don’t buy cheap spectacles from the supermarket, they suck! Twice I had to go back and complain as they fell apart after a few days. The arms kept coming loose as well.

  4. Elaine says: brother used to work at a well known supermarket opticians and he told me that all the cheap glasses they sold were only worth about £1.00!! Apparently they just buy in really crap frames from somewhere in Asia, sell them for around £20 but still make a good mark up on them.

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