A right Royal pair!

A right Royal pair!

Written by Jim Romand

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Have you ever wondered who the Queen entrusts when buying a new pair of spectacles? Well the answer to that question is a certain Mr Roger Pope, a dispensing optician who owns his own practice in Westminster, London. Roger, who once managed one of the most prestigious opticians on Harley Street, opened his business in Cavendish Street in 1987. Since then his business has flourished and gained a cast iron reputation for it’s traditional customer service and professionalism. This has attracted the attention of many local aristocrats as well as he Royal Family. Pay a visit to Roger Pope opticians and you will be treated to a selection of the finest frames, including genuine vintage models as well as glasses made from buffalo horn, yellow gold and precious stones.

Roger was awarded the Royal warrant of appointment to Her Majesty the Queen back in 2006. This means that he is entrusted with the job of taking along a selection of his finest frame to Buckingham Palace, in order for her to try them on in the company of her dresser. But although the Queen has generated considerable personal wealth over the years, she is rather frugal when it comes to purchasing her spectacles. A typical two toned frame, which the Queens famously wears, costs around £200. Good to see that you don’t have to break the bank to look as good as you do, ma’am.



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  1. Carl says:

    You should have gone to Specsavers, maam.

  2. Liz H says:

    I bet her Majesty has got more pairs of glasses than I’ve got shoes! I don’t believe she only wears that one ‘Deardrie Barlow’ pair all the time. She need to get a more up to date look. next time go for some Prada or Gucci Maam. xx

  3. Danny Obone says:

    And there was me thinking that Her Maj wore diamond encrusted specs! Just goes to show that even the very rich can be as frugal as the rest of us!

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