Hoya Blue Control Lenses

Hoya Blue Control Lenses

Written by Jim Romand

Topics: Tips and Advice

Optical lens company Hoya has launched a brand new lens coating that uses sophisticated technology to completely neutralise harmful blue light that is typically emitted through your TV and computer screens. A recent study at Harvard University also suggests that being exposed to blue light for lengthy periods can have an effect on your circadian rhythm, the name given to the 24 hour cycle of your physical, mental and behavioural changes.

Most computer, tablet and smartphone screens emit what is known as high energy visible light (Blue Light). But although it mildly exists in natural day light, to help keep us awake, being over exposed to blue light can cause eye strain and fatigue. A product specialist at Hoya Vision care Europe was recently quoted as saying ‘Of all spectacle wearers using digital equipment on a daily basis, 83 per cent indicated they experience eye discomfort during or after use.’

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