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Vision Express – Eye Health Awareness Campaign

27 February 2014

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Vision Express opticians are leading the way in a national campaign for healthier eyes. The campaign known as ‘Vision, taken seriously’ focuses on recent UK research results that found almost 85% of adults had admitted to having problems with their eye sight. More worryingly, only around 40% of adults had done anything about this. The […]

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Leather Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses – Whatever Next?

23 February 2014


The iconic Ray Ban Wayfarer has been re-invented more times than Robbie Williams’s career. That said, it just goes to prove how timeless this classic piece of eyewear really is. The last resurgence of the Wayfarer was seen back in 2006 as US and UK mainstream pop icons started to adorn the trendy eyewear accessory […]

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