Leather Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses – Whatever Next?

Written by Jim Romand

Topics: New Frame Styles, New Frames

The iconic Ray Ban Wayfarer has been re-invented more times than Robbie Williams’s career. That said, it just goes to prove how timeless this classic piece of eyewear really is. The last resurgence of the Wayfarer was seen back in 2006 as US and UK mainstream pop icons started to adorn the trendy eyewear accessory at every photo opportunity. This lead to Ray Ban expanding its wayfarer range by introducing a wide array of zesty and eye-catching colour combinations.

This time around the eyewear giants have decided it’s time to go back to the drawing board and come up with a brand new look for the Wayfarer in 2014. Ray Bans brown leather wayfarer sunglasses Never did we ever foresee Ray Ban coming out with something so outrageous as a pair of sunglasses wrapped in genuine calf leather. Then again, we didn’t foresee that Robbie Williams would still be selling albums *sigh*. So there you have it, the very latest ‘must have’ accessory for this summer is the classic and unmistakable Wayfarer sunglasses encased in either black or brown calf leather. To help you stand out even more they have released this latest version in polarised green and brown lenses, offering unparalleled contrast clarity.

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