Vision Express – Eye Health Awareness Campaign

Written by Jim Romand

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Vision Express opticians are leading the way in a national campaign for healthier eyes. The campaign known as ‘Vision, taken seriously’ focuses on recent UK research results that found almost 85% of adults had admitted to having problems with their eye sight. More worryingly, only around 40% of adults had done anything about this. The optical retail giants have warned that after the recent findings the outlook for our nation’s eye health is looking rather bleak, despite the fact that loss of sight remains one of our biggest fears. Vision Express CEO supremo Jonathan Lawson said of the recent campaign, ‘We don’t want to scaremonger but the joviality around eye health has to stop. We need to make people wake up to the potential risks they face if they remain ignorant to vision care.’

Back in 2010 a study conducted at the College of Optometrists found that around 86% of adults valued the health of their eyes and vision over all the other senses. But although this study found most people to be aware of the importance of looking after their vision, there are still a huge number of people who are totally unaware of the potential risks to their eye health through smoking, diet, drinking and constant exposure to the suns UV rays.

A recent study also found that around 37% of adults are reluctant to have their eyes checked on a regular basis due to cost concerns, despite the fact that there are over 30 million people in the UK who are entitled to a free eye examination. A young boy having an annual eye examinationThere are over 4 million old age pensioners in the UK who are entitled to an sight test under the NHS cost exemption scheme, but who never actually use this free service. More worryingly, around 50% of parents in the UK admit that they have never taken their children, under the age of 8, to have their free NHS sight test examination. This is quite a startling fact, considering vision deficiency is the most common cause of learning disabilities.

The new campaign also highlights the fact that glaucoma and AMD (age related macular degeneration) are still the biggest cause of preventable vision loss here in the UK, and the fact that there still a huge number of people who don’t realise that glaucoma can be a hereditary condition.

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  1. jennie says:

    I work for Specsavers Opticians and although we send out over 400 reminders per month for people to bring their children in for an eye test, we only get around two thirds that book within 8 months of receiving the letter. Just goes to show how low a priority most parents place on their child’s eye care.

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